Tuesday, 10 April 2018

"At last" I hear you say!

Firstly, a very warm welcome to all of you who have chosen to follow this new project.   I'm very pleased to have you here and hope you like what you see.

Yes, I know - it took long enough!    Progress on this has been slower than I would have liked but I'll explain on the way.

The RL property I'm inspired by has two basement rooms.    It may also have a cellar but that isn't shown on any tour so, because I have cellar space to deal with in the model I have chosen to use, I'm having to invent the spaces.    This has given me untold grief and the reason why it has taken so long to put up the first progress report!    The basics are fine - bricks, crumbly bricks which in itself is ok but I'm afraid my mini style isn't "crumbly" and I struggle a bit with that.   I'm also having to put my Dennis Sever head on to adopt his style and try to imagine how he would have furnished a beer cellar, coal cellar and wood store.    The space is only seen from above, once the pavement has been lifted, so I decided not to put doors on the allotted spaces - ok, so the staff will be able to help themselves to the odd snifter but that's to just too bad.

My crumbly brickwork.

The servant's eye view.

The RL building doesn't really show much wear/smoke/distress so I've done what I can with it but I'm not 100% sure I'm completely happy with the finish.    You can see (through the windows) that I've been playing with walls.    That's not a good look and will have to be changed.   I still also have to decide whether to include the staircase or not which will make the two rooms on each floor smaller.

Since that last photo was taken I've done a bit more work on the front and cellars.    I've painted all the roughcast and added the front door.    The door was a plastic one which came with the kit but I adapted it a little to match the original.    I've also had another play with the internal walls and decided that I will be doing away with the staircases and using the space for the two rooms on each floor.    I decided that, while the RL house has really interesting staircases, for my purposes I can use the space better by doing away with them.   The visible walls on each floor will be suitably disguised and hopefully not noticed.   I will however keep the stairs in the vicinity of the attic as that space has excellent detail right at the top of the house.

The other decision I've taken is with regard to the main door.   It isn't fixed yet as it was easier to work with it on a flat surface but I intend using magnets for this one as it's not a divided door and when it's open and I'm working away, anyone coming into my hobby room would risk giving it a whack!


  1. Looking brilliant, totally love it

  2. Hello Irene,
    How wonderful! I love the direction you're taking with the basement. I love staircases, but I agree that the space could be put to better use if they are absent. I think the magnets are a great idea as that is one big door. You are off to a wonderful start and I cannot wait to see more.
    Big hug

  3. This is going to be a great house. I can't wait to see more...

  4. Hi Irene! I think this is going to be such a fascinating building! Already the cellars are amazing looking! Your brick-work looks fantastic to me... and I know what you mean about how difficult it is to intentionally "age" things! I am always fascinated by the houses that have "front opening doors"... because most American kits don't! So I am interested to see the alternate method of magnets you are referring to! Leaving out the stairs is always a problem for me... but I understand the reduction in room-size issues! I am really looking forward to seeing this develop! Keep up the great work!

  5. First off, you've done an outstanding job on you old brickwork. I love it!! I know exactly what you mean about it not coming naturally to "mess" things up a bit. I really struggle with that too and always admire other people for being so brave. I know you'll make a success of it though (no pressure!). It sounds like you've done a lot of thinking about the interior
    layout and I agree about the stairs, you will find a great use for that added space.
    Can't wait for the next update...

  6. Hi Irene! Don't know how I missed the notification of this new blog and of your posting but now that I've found you again, I am Happy!
    Your brickwork looks great especially when looking at ti through the window, but Oh My- what a LOT of work!!! :D