Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The completed Cellar (almost)

Before talking about the Courtyard, I have a wee update on the magnets I mentioned previously as a way of fixing the main door of this property - it's not going to happen!   I lined them up, fixed them in place and closed the door but it just wasn't right.    Although they were smallish magnets the fact that they were visible was annoying and they cut into the placing of the cornice - right where your eye lands so out they came.   I'm going back to the original plan of using the hinges that came with the kit.  

So, onward.

Apart from some additions to the Courtyard, I think I'm pretty much done with the Cellar space.

More bits have been added to each of the three spaces and although it's still not as "crumbly" as I think it should be I'm just going to have to live with that otherwise I'd be fiddling and faffing for ever.  Time to move on.

This is how it all looks now -

The Ale/Fruit & Veg store -

Coal and Log Store -

The fabulous (non-electrified) lanterns, buckets and stool came from Ashwood Designs

and my coal heap was created using real coal smashed down to 12th scale (thank you Elizabeth), built up on a separate base and held in place with liberal amounts of glue.   I did the same with the logs in the Log Store.

The next room on my list is this very old and very crumbly kitchen -

* With many thanks to Roelof Bakker for his permission to use this photograph


  1. Great courtyard and your cellar looks wonderful with the logs and coal.

  2. Hi Irene! I always admire the details you gather for your houses... and the coal chunks for this one are awesome! As is the wood and the tools and lanterns... it all looks old and functional! We had a coal burning stove at my Farmhouse (an old Aga) and coal is dirty stuff... spread some black dust everywhere!!! LOL! The courtyard is such a charming space... I love those little ivy covered walled areas... wish I had one in my RL world! And the teaser about the kitchen is very ... crumbly looking! I really look forward to seeing more!!! :)

  3. The courtyard is looking fantastic, Irene. Filled with all you usual details, there is so much interest and atmosphere. I can't wait to see how you tackle the kitchen.
    Hope you're staying cool.

  4. Hello Irene,
    These rooms are amazing. the courtyard is lovely, but the store rooms are fantastic. Your projects don't just showcase your incredible talent as a miniaturist, but they are also wonderful reminders of what was needed to keep a home running. The store rooms are amazing.
    Big hug

  5. I love the detail and thought behind everything you make. The storage areas are fascinating little places to wander round.