Friday, 15 February 2019

The Working Kitchen

Firstly, thank you to all that posted for your encouraging comments regarding the next stage of this project.   They really help keep the momentum going.

As this house isn't in any way straight forward I had to decide how the overall layout would be when looking at the whole property face on.    It got too complicated trying to work out how to link the rooms as they would flow in an ordinary space so I decided to go with that shown in the cross-section drawing by Ben Rea*    Each room is shown as a separate space.

*By kind permission of Ben Rea

Once that was sorted out I could then get started on what I will be referring to as the "Working Kitchen" (as opposed to the Crumbly one).

Work started with the main piece in the room - the fireplace and range.    I've used foamboard for the structure clad in self-adhesive flooring and a Phoenix kit range.    The brickwork was some left over piece from that used in The Courtyard.

Unfortunately, where this property is situated in my hobby room, it doesn't get very good natural daylight so on some occasions I'm afraid I will have to use the flash - as in the next photo.

My original thought regarding flooring was to use the fibreglass flagstone paper over the whole space until I looked again at the pictures I have and noticed that the central area is actually wood.   I was quite glad that I had spotted that early on before bashing on and going with my initial plan!   There will be more of the self-adhesive flooring being turned into wall panelling but first I must create two windows.      (It was the siting of these windows that gave rise to the decision to copy Ben's drawings and not exactly link the rooms although you will see that I have swapped the kitchens around).

To the left of the range there will be a bread oven and to the right, a sink and delft tile walls.

The dresser below is sadly not as impressive as the one displayed in the real building but we have to go with the space we've got!   There is still a lot of filling up to be done with this one.

The table below is a McQueenie Miniatures kit, two chairs were barewood and varnished and the other two are painted Phoenix metal kits.   My original intention was to have them positioned at the range (as in the picture I am following) but sadly they were too small but fit perfectly at the table.

What I have to do now is work out how to create a free standing bread oven.    I have the door - I just need to work out the rest especially as it has a dome shaped top!


  1. Wonderful start! And I wish you all success with the bread oven. Maybe a paper mache over a plastic ball? To get the start of the shape? And then card board brick over that for texture?

  2. This is a great start I can't wait to see more.

  3. Your use of the self-stick flooring was Brilliant Irene, and real time saver as well! Love the idea of using the illustration as a guide and tweaking it to fit your personal requirements. Love the idea of a free-standing bread oven which I KNOW you will soon figure out how to do, and it will be Perfect!


  4. Fantabulous beginnings. Love the flooring, have always loved the 'proper' Phoenix ranges - have them all at one time or another - not that easy to put together and paint so well done you - it looks terrific. Can see where all this is heading and its magic. Think this might be my favourite house of yours.

  5. Hello Irene,
    This is going to be another masterpiece. I love the range and I look forward to seeing paneling around the room. The dresser is perfect for the room and I cannot wait to see the bread oven.
    Big hug

  6. Hi Irene, This is such a fascinating project! I love what you have done so far, and I am really curious about the wooden section of the floor! Why? How is it structurally fitted? Was the stone an overlay or part of the foundations? Hmmm.... too many unanswerable questions I am sure! Either way, it gives a softer surface for the dining area! The hutch already looks cozy and I am sure you will come up with a great solution for your bread oven! (I retro-fitted one into my castle kitchen way back in the beginning of my building the castle and am glad I did!) :)