Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Green Dining Room

Firstly, I'd like to apologise to all Bloggers I follow for not posting comments recently.    For some reason I haven't received Blog updates from a lot of you and when I did, it was posts (in one instance) from 8 years ago - a Blog that is no longer updating.   Hopefully that issue is now resolved I can follow and comment as before.

So, onward.   The Green Dining room is now complete.   It took longer than I thought given I had to search for just the right item in some cases and one or two items were custom made but it's done now and I'm pleased with it.   Enjoy!

The little Silent Companion was made from a printed off picture and supported at the back.    The foot warmer is from Arjen Spinhoven (I've added his link in a previous post) and I made the pattens.

The chair (back left) was an inexpensive barewood item varnished and upholstered and the other chairs were purchased from Masters Miniatures and the table was a long ago item from Ashwood Designs Miniatures

The Game Pie and Pomegranates displayed on the table were custom made for me by Merry Gourmet Miniatures.     There is still one item missing from the room, namely two partridges to the left of the Gervais painting on the back wall but hopefully I'll have them soon.

The Fourth Wall has been posted previously.

The above is the completed version of the Green Dining Room in the Dennis Sever House (my Silk Weaver), Spitalfields, London and below, the actual room.



  * With thanks to the Dennis Sever House for permission to use the above pictures.

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe    Hopefully it wont be too long before we can all get to much needed mini fairs!



  1. Complimenti Irene! Bellissima ricostruzione hai fatto un ottimo lavoro. ❤️

  2. Congratulations on finishing such an amazing room, Irene! It is so impeccably done, and what an honor to the original that you took so much care to get the accessories so perfectly represented!

  3. Great work Irene! This room looks fabulous and all the perfectly placed accessories bring it to life. You’ve done an amazing job recreating the original room with all of its drama and character. Well done!

  4. Dear Irene, this is such a fantastic room!!! I just love the whole thing! The atmosphere is so perfectly captured, and you have gone out of your way to get or make some rare minis to fit the scene! I am bowled over and wish I could sit up close and study every piece! Thank you for sharing your Beautiful work with us! I hope you are staying safe and enjoying the "fruits of your labors"!!! :):)