Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Green Dining Room

Happy New Year followers!

Work has now started on the Green Dining Room and I'm slowly collecting all the necessary pieces required.  The photo below shows what I'm aiming for.     (With thanks to the Dennis Sever House)

*Copyright Ben Rea

I started with the fireplace, building it up slowly with mountboard.

The best way to deal with the walls was to create them individually using mountboard and adding the panelling.   

The windows to the right will be fake as it's tricky trying to recreate a building that has staircases, corridors and rooms off other rooms and getting it all to fit and appear believable in a front opening house.    That is why I'm working very closely with the drawing shown above.   The artist has dealt with the building as a cross-section whereas I am showing it as "face on".

The history of the imaginary family living in this building covers the years 1724 to 1914 and show their rise and decline in the silk industry.    The green Dining Room shows them very much on the up.

 Tile printies were used inside the fireplace along with bricks using a stencil and compound.

Meet Isaac Jervais* and his wife, Elizabeth*.   The decorative bow on Elizabeth's dress in the painting is displayed on the frame.    Above the fireplace is King George III.   

*Copyright Roelof Bakker

To get the same lighting effect on each of the paintings, 1/24th scale lights were used with shell findings attached.

To achieve the external atmosphere as seen through the windows, I googled "18th century London fog" and this is what I got...…..


Hopefully my next post wont be as long in coming.   Still lots to do and lots to add.


  1. Love how it looks so far! The green is beautiful.

  2. You've done wonders with the mat board! I love all of the detail in the moldings and fireplace! Can't wait to see the next post as you progress!

  3. A great start!!! Iam looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Oooh la la!!! Irene, this is looking wonderful! I Love the color of the green paneling and the details you have made with mount board are impressive! The fireplace looks perfect and the portraits with the lights are amazing! I am really enjoying this project... I can understand it taking a lot of time!

  5. Che meraviglia, Irene !!! Grandiosa atmosfera! Bravo!!!!

  6. Late as always - to be fair, reading this today I could swear I had commented anyone else having problems with the 'new' blogger?
    Any way, fabulous, meticulous work as always. You really have set yourself a task with this one. The inspirational images are chock-a-block full of detail. That said I know you can do it as that is your forte. It is lovely Irene and so interesting to follow.

  7. I have NO IDEA how I missed this post Irene but now, having accidently discovered it I am in TOTAL AWE of how close to the original AND how Wonderfully Atmospheric you are making it!!!
    Love the fog as seen from the window and I've no doubt that the deep rich colours and the high back chairs around the table will lend itself even more to the feeling of LUXURIANT ISOLATION! ❤️

  8. Great project! Your work is on point. This is a great project and I am excited to see your progress.