Thursday, 23 April 2020

Progress with the Green Dining Room

Hello followers and thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my last post.   They are very much appreciated and I'm pleased you all like what I'm doing with this.

It would be too easy for me to charge ahead with this project to the detriment of my other two properties that I took a step back and concentrated on one of the others but the time has come to get back into the Green Dining Room.

This is my progress so far.

I've added a photo of the real property further down so you can see exactly what I'm trying to achieve.

The "painting" to the left is George II.   The table covering is a rug.   Thankfully I was able to find one the exact width.    (These things don't happen that often!)    

I've concentrated my efforts on the left hand side of the room as there are still a few bits I need to complete the right hand side.

Unfortunately there was nothing I could do about the glare with the lighting.   I think it must just be reflecting off the PVA I used to finish the copies.

Below is the real thing.   Some photos show the open doorway and some show it covered.   I went with covered as it was the easier option!

* With thanks to the Dennis Sever House for permission to use their pictures.

There are still some bits to add to the table scene - a couple of birds to hang from the left of the painting and a tricorn hat for the right hand side.   I'm going to try and make the hat and I had been waiting for a fair to get the birds but that's on hold for the time being.

Below, I've tried to show my little corner and the RL corner for comparison.

* With thanks to the Dennis Sever House for permission to use their pictures.

While I would love to have "like for like" minis to complete the scene, it's sometimes not always possible to find the right thing in mini so I've tried to create something that looks the part.

Below is another chance to see where all this work is actually going!

*With thanks to the Dennis Sever House for permission to use their pictures.

So, now that I have the best part of today to "play" I'll see how I get on with a tricorn hat, and a mob cap!

I hope you are all keeping well and busy.   Stay safe!


  1. What a lovely representation you've achieved here! I love the drapes and it was really lucky to find a rug with the perfect width! You've also managed to capture the stately and serene mood of the original room and that is no easy feat! I wish you continued success with the rest of the details and I can't wait to see them!

  2. Hi Irene! I really love this project! And you are doing such an amazing job with the faithful rendering of the room and it's contents! The mood is so wonderfully expressed with the dark walls and candle lighting... the rug on the table is perfect! The drapes over the door are another thing that is so old fashioned... we forget there was a need to stop the drafts! Too bad the Fairs are all cancelled... but you seem to be coming up with the right pieces anyway! I can't wait to see more! Stay well and keep making minis! :):)

  3. Your Wonderful drapes add to the solid majesty of this room, Irene! The floral lining looks Perfect! and I love the rug on the table and the still life arrangement you've created in the alcove.
    The warm and moody lighting coupled with the British Racing Green walls, evokes a very prosperous and very comfortable family.
    Your dining room along with each new layer you add, is bringing its mini occupants into full view!

  4. What you've done so far is really great. I always love how you try and manage to be very accurate in your rooms. I like very much the carpet on the table and the display you put on it.

  5. Fantastic Irene. It’s looking so good. Amazing job at reproducing all the elements and feel of the life size room.

  6. Nailed it Irene. You have absolutely captured the feel and look and probably smell of that room. As for finding the right size rug for a table!!! I take my hat off to you, it is lovely and I imagine a lot of fun to do.

  7. I've been wanting to comment for ages...this looks fabulous! Your attention to detail is amazing. I am particularly impressed with the fireplace, it just looks fab!